Find out what are the benefits of indoor plants

Beautiful display of indoor plants

Indoor gardens are still very popular among people all around the world. In fact social media are full of indoor gardening so that might be the reason why it is still so popular. However it is not only the social media popularity making it so trending. Having your own indoor garden can give you some benefits.

Indoor plants can be very helpful when it comes to improving the air quality for example through photosynthesis plants are absorbing carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Keep reading to find out more about them.

Health benefits of indoor plants

Indoor plants might be just perfect when it comes to health problems. Those health benefits of indoor plants are:

  • houseplants can be allergy relief, rooms with plants have less of all of this dust and mold. Plant leaves acts like natural filters,
  • houseplants add moisture to the air,
  • houseplants can soak up VOC’s,
  • houseplants can be great home remedies,
  • houseplants can take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen,
  • taking care of a houseplants can help with treating depression, chizophrenia but also other psychiatric conditions.

As you can see there are many benefits of indoor plants so if you yet do not have any go to store and choose the right one for you and your needs.

Plants can improve indoor air quality

Yes that’s right plants indeed can improve indoor air quality. Here you will be able to get to know plants that freshen the air. Those houseplants are:

  • spider plant,
  • boston fern,
  • bamboo palm,
  • dwarf date,
  • lady,
  • areca,
  • rubber tree,
  • boston ferns,
  • ficus tree.

Indoor plants for a healthly house

It is proven that indoor plants can help for example with your immune system and can also have  huge impact on your mental health. Here goes some plants that can improve your health:

  • Aloe vera – this plant is just a wonderul succulet. It should be placed somehwere with good lighting because it likes a lot of light. This plant is wonderful when it comes to absorbing moisture this makes it perfect plant for your bathroom then. Aloe vera plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Aloe is also great when it comes to sunburns and all of the skin irritations.
  • Snake plant – this is just an amazing plant that is the most oxygen producing indoor plant. This plant is also wondeful when it comes to purifying the air. It is also absoring carbon dioxide, benzene and other toxins. This plant is almost impossible to kill. It will thrive in full sun as well in full shade even non water isn’t making him scared.
  • Spider plant – this is lovely hanging plant. If you have problems with watering plants this one is for you just right. It is very much adaptable to overwatering or under watering. It can aso be placed in low light, partial sunlight, or bright, indirect sunlight so as you can see it can be almost anywhere. Spider plants eliminates about 95% of toxics from the air. This interior plant is also safe for pets which makes it great for pet owners.
  • ZZ Plant – this plant is going to do great in low light and all you gotta do is water once every two weeks. This zz plant is great in removing toxins like benzene, xylene and also toluene.
  • English ivy – this might be surprising but this plant like its soil little bit more dry than it likes it wet. This plant may be used as a treatment of many respiratory conditions like for example sthma, COPD and bronchitis.

Plants that remove carbon dioxide from the air

Plants with their photosynthesis can remove carbon dioxide and then release half of it into the atmosphere through respiration.

Big snake plat in black pot

Here goes few of those plants:

  • snake plant,
  • majesty palm,
  • aloe vera.

Those plants are wonderful when it comes to indoor air pollution abatement get yourself one to improve your air quality.

Psychological benefits of houseplants

Flowers are boosting home’s aesthetic however they are also help to clean indoor air as well as they can create sense of well being or enhancing your life.

Interesting informations

  • indoor plants might reduce psychological and physiological stress levels with help of suppressing autonomic nervous system activity,
  • plants makes people happy. Multiple studies had shown that being around plants and green spaces may reduce mental fatigue and stress,
  • looking at plants and cut flowers may even help to speed up the recovery from for example an illness. Maybe that is where bringing plants to hospital rooms came from?
  • there been done a study that showed that people getting well after problems with several kinds of surgery needed less pain medication and had shorter hospital stays than people who weren’t looking at greenery during their recovery periods,
  • interior landscape plants can help in improving worker productivity and also be helpful in reducing stress from an windowless environment,
  • there is study that showed that the soil in potted plants can also help clean indoor air, interesting huh?
  • Kansas State University had done some research that showed that patients with plants in their rooms had a lower blood pressure and heart rate, and felt less anxiety,
  • another study showed that people with more plants near their work space took fewer sick days and had done their job more productively,
  • plants release moisture vapor and also are great when it comes to increasing humidity,
  • a few plants like orchids, succulents and epiphytic bromeliads takes the carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.


Now you know that plants can boost your productivity and are great in many other things. Help your home become healthly with plants and get rid of volatile organic compounds with their help. After readning this article you know how to do it, so go for it.


  1. Lohr V et al. (1996).Interior plants may improve worker productivity and reduce stress in a windowless environment.

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  1. Before I didn’t know that plants might be helpful with mental problems and lower stress levels. Thank you for such great article. I will for sure get myself some plants now. Thank you again for this wonderful article.

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