How to choose best mattress for back pain?

Good mattres for back pain

Back pain is very common thing, it is one of the reasons why people are missing work and go to doctor. Most of the time back pain is coused by sleeping on wrong mattress which can make the pain get worse or even make the pain show up itself. If your back isn’t supported by the mattress it reinforces bad sleeping posture it also strains muscles and for sure doesn’t help to keep the spine aligned. All of those things couses the low back pain. With so good equipment in the markets it may be hard to find the best mattress.

So what should be the most important when we choose the right mattress for us? First of all it all depends on what kind of back pain do the person has. For example people with symptoms of spinal stenosis are mostly showing themselves when you are standing and walking so when people with this symptoms wants to get rid of old mattress and choose the new mattress they should choose the one that makes them feel comfortable. Bu when people are diagnosed with degeneration both with stenosis or spinal arthritis without stenosis, disc problems or not specific back pain you should take into the consideration the relative firmness or softness of the mattress. People that has got those ailments do better with more support for example with a firmer mattress should do just fine.

Most of the time when people needs more of a back support and while they are sleeping people that had multiple back surgeries often need less of this support and in this specific case a softer mattress may be more comfortable.

Sings that it is the wrong mattres which couses the back pain

Does your back hurts and you are wondering why does it hurt? It may be surprising but the mattress that your are sleeping on can be responsible for your back pain. If you feel the pain right after you wake up the reason why it happens is likely to be your sleeping possition and the mattress. If the mattress is too soft or just old it can cause unwanted strain on your spine leading to back pain in the morning. Another problem might be this that you are tossing and turning all night and the reason why is because your mattress is not comfortable at all and it all can couse the pain. Most of the time the problem is that mattress is too soft or just too hard and the solution is medium firm mattress to solve this issue.

Sleep position is important

It is the sleeping position that determines the right type of support you need for your back. There are type of sleepers like:

  • Back sleepers – if you sleep on your back you should try putting a thin rolled towel or if you prefer a pillow under your knees and it will low back for support,
  • Sides sleepers – it is true that most of the people are side sleepers and sleeping in this kind of possition can tend to create pressure on hips and shoulder as well. For those sleepers is recomended a slightly softer mattress which has memory foam,
  • Stomach sleepers – if you are one of the stomach sleepers you should be using medium firm mattress. Soft mattress in this case could irritate your back.

As you can see sleeping positions are very important thing to have an eye on it.

Memory foam mattresses- what are those?

Wonderful memory foam mattresses for bedroom

Memorry foam mattress are popular choice among back pain sufferers. A memory foam mattress is a collaboration of memory foam layer with springs or support foam. Meomory foam is using the heat that your body creates to soften and shape onto your body shape. This provides exellent support and comfort for your whole body. What is even more exciting about it is this that when you will leave your bed and the pressure points will be relifed the mattress will bounce back slowly and with time it will remember your body shape and your optimal sleeping position. There are three types of memory foam mattresses which are called traditional memory foam mattress, plant based memory faom mattress, and gel memory foam mattress.

There are different types of memory foam

Memory foam has three primary types and it is tradicional, open cell and gel-infused. Each and every one of them has it’s own pros and cons. Tradicional memory foam is providing a good sleep experience by molding to your body. Open cell memory foam allows for a better movement of air inside the mattress and is allowing it to better transfer heat away from your body as you’re sleeping. Gel memory foam- Gel memory foam is one of memory foam that has been pumped full of gel. This memory foam helps to regulate your temperature as you sleep by absorbing and releasing heat.

Memory foam vs hybrid mattress

Both of those mattresses uses thick comfort systems to relieve pressure and limit motion transfer. Just like the name says memory foam mattresses are done with memory foam but hybrid mattresses potentially including latex, polyfoam, memory foam, microcoils, fiber, or a combination of several materials.

Who should choose memory foam matresses? For sure its is ideal for sleepers with aches and pains. It is also perfect for side sleepers and for people who awake easily (it eliminate motion transfer and mattress noise).

Who should chppse hybrid mattress? Hybrid mattress is hybrid, the pocketed coils are tucked away under layers of soft memory foam, which is helping the mattress feel more uniform and consistent and this is cousing that thy are having better so called “edge support”. If you are hot sleeper hybrid mattress is good for you also if you use the edge of the bed extensively hybrid mattress is what you need.

What are the best memory foam and hybrid mattress?

Here are the best of memory foam and hybrid mattresses.

The Best Memory Foam Mattresses are:

  1. for back pain the best is for example so called GhostBed Classic,
  2. best Overall is for example so called Nectar Mattress,
  3. most Comfortable is for example so called WinkBeds GravityLux,
  4. best for Couples is for example so calld Saatva Modern Foam,
  5. best for Side Sleepers is for example so called Layla Mattress,
  6. best Cooling is for example so called Bear Original.

And if we are talking about the best hybrid mattresses are:

  1. best Overall is for example so called Helix Midnight LUXE Mattress,
  2. for Couples the best is for example so called The WinkBed,
  3. for Back Pain the best is for example so called Casper Wave Hybrid,
  4. for Hot Sleepers the best is for example so called Purple Hybrid Premier 4,
  5. the best hybrid mattress with edge support is for example Leesa Legend,
  6. the best Cooling Hybrid Mattress For Couples is DreamCloud is for example so called Luxury Hybrid Mattress.

Memory foam mattress relieves pain

Memory foam mattresses are best mattresses for people with back pain it’s a good pain relief on a pressure points. Pressure point relief thanks to memory foam mattress your body weight will be equally distribute which will help to reduce on the heaviest parts of your body. It helps with relieving the pain and what’s intresting it also helps with healthier blood circulation throughout the night.

There are many reviewers on the internet that says about pain relief startting from hip and knee pain, to shoulder, neck pain, and back pain.

Benefits memory foam mattresses

There s lot’s of benefits of memory foam mattress. First of all they are soft. They also mold to your body while you sleep on them, what is very comfortable is that this mattress online is easy to be found. They are good in providing motion isolation (it can be very practical when you share your bed with someone else).

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  1. My boyfriend and I want’s to change our old mattress now thanks to think wonderful article we know everything. We both are side sleepers and it is clear for us now why does out back hurts…Wrong mattress is going bye bye.

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