The growing popularity of stone bathtubs and stone sinks.

A stone sink stands in the bathroom

In recent years there has been a huge increase in interest in products made of natural materials. This also applies to interior products, such as bathtubs and washbasins.
However, it is important to ask the question, what is behind such a high level of customer interest? The answer to this question is very simple.

Increased availability of such products and comfort of use. Natural stone sinks or stone bathtubs allow us to feel their naturalness every time they come into contact with our hand skin.

Stone bathtubs and stone basins are better than acrylic bathtubs or ceramic basins for another reason as well. Namely, in the production of stone basins and stone bathtubs, no harmful and unauthorized substances are used, which makes these products environmentally friendly. In addition, handmade stone basins allow us to achieve the shapes and sizes we want. At the same time, the variety of stone colors, stone species and rocks gives great opportunities to choose and create unique products.

Each piece of rock is unique. It is impossible to find two identical stones. At the same time, stone is a very durable raw material, which, as all historic palaces, castles show, can survive for centuries. Current technology and the skills of craftsmen mean that fancy designs and models of standing sinks for bathrooms, countertop sinks or stone bathtubs for spas are created from natural stone.

Stone bathtubs

Stone bathtubs and stone basins certainly stand out in every way. It is impossible to pass by them indifferently. They will immediately make the interior of the bathroom more interesting. The stone washbasin used in the bathroom, becomes its focal point, which attracts the eye, encourages to touch it.
Contrary to appearances, stone articles are not expensive at all. Globalization has made bathroom products manufactured in Indonesia attainable anywhere in the world. You can buy directly from the manufacturer or local distributors.

In addition to such products as marble basins, granite basins, onyx basins in various forms (countertop, standing), we can opt for natural stone shower trays, marble bathtubs or granite bathtubs.
When deciding on the choice of such products, let’s pay attention to whether the basins and bathtubs are produced from a single piece of rock and are not glued. This will allow us to enjoy using these products always.

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