The Key To Choosing The Right Mower For Your Garden

Mowing the grass in the garden

For any homeowners or property owners with a garden, it is often their pride and joy. A place where you can relax outside and put their own creative spin on the design and layout. Central to a good looking garden is a luscious green lawn that is maintained well and cut regularly. But what is key to achieving this?

The lawn mower industry is a very competitive space, with many manufacturer brands competing against one another to create machines that deliver flawless performance and are within budget for the majority of homeowners. Prominent manufacturers include Mountfield, Stiga, AL-KO, Husqvarna plus many more. This healthy competition helps contribute to the creation of many different varieties of lawn mowers.

From most garden machinery suppliers you will be able to find:

  • Ride-on
  • Lawn tractors
  • Electric
  • Zero-turn
  • Petrol
  • Cordless
  • Rear-rollers
  • Robot lawn mowers

So what model of mower is the best for your garden?

There are numerous factors that will dictate which model of lawn mower would best suit your garden. These include the size of your garden, whether you have nearby power sources available, or even how busy your schedule is to find time for cutting the grass.

For homeowners who simply do not have enough time to regularly mow their lawn then robotic lawn mowers are the one for you. These genius machines do all the hard work for you and are capable of maintaining up to 320,000 sq ft. Simply set up the parameter for which the small robot will work within and the rest will take care of itself, leaving you with a freshly cut lawn. Click here for more information.

For those with a smaller sized garden a simple electric or cordless lawn mower would work well. If you have a nearby power source available then an electric mower saves any hassle of using petrol or charging a battery-powered model.

For large sized gardens a self-propelled mower often is not enough assistance which is why a ride-on model is the perfect option. Packed full of clever features, a ride-on model allows you to cover a large amount of ground with minimum fatigue.

How to get the striped finish look for your lawn?

If you ask someone to picture or describe the perfect lawn in summer they would likely include a description of the iconic striped finish. You can make this happen to your lawn courtesy of a rear-roller mower, typically found on rotary models. Stripes are added to the grass by the roller which flattens and bends the grass as you cut it. 

What other machinery can help maintain your lawn?

Using a lawn scarifier on your grass is a great way to provide it with all the necessary means to receive all of the essential nutrients and water it requires to stay healthy. A lawn scarifier works by removing any unwanted thatch and moss that is clouding the surface and preventing crucial nutrients from reaching the roots of the grass.

A mulching lawn mower can also provide your lawn with important nutrients by placing cut grass back into the soil. The blade and mowing deck are designed to chop the grass numerous times before placing the clippings back into the lawn. A mower with a mulching capability is also seen as a faster alternative to bagging.

Ultimately, the options for purchasing a lawn mower are vast. Budget will dictate a large portion of the range you are shopping in, but make sure to compare models between various brands as they are likely to differ in both capability and price. There are many garden machinery suppliers like Horace Fuller who provide a great place to purchase the very best mowers and machinery from.

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