The most popular houseplants with big leaves 

Monstera big idoor plant in white pot

Are you maybe looking for some kind of big leaf houseplant? If you want to complete your home decor with some of the green it is amamzing idea to add some big leaves plants. Tall indoor plants which also has big leaves are amazing for for example small rooms they can make they optical bigger by creating illusion than they really are. Are you wondering what plants has got big leaves? Here is your answer. Powerhouse of a plant stands in its leaves. There are different types of leaves for example some of leaves are big some of them are furry and there can be tiny and shiny leaves. Plant leaves says a lot about its natrural habbitant.

Indoor plants with big leaves – and how to take care of them

Indoor plants that has got big leaves are for example:

  1. Elephant ear plant (Calocasia) – elephant ear can be toxic plant so you should try keep them away from children and animals. This plant should be putted in place with bright indirect light. Watering of this plant should keep the soil most. Soil should be well draining soil.
  2. Bird of paradise or Giant bird of paradise (Strelitzia) – it is a tropical plant. This plant can grow indoors even up to six to seven feet tall and four feet wide. Light should be bright direct to bright indirect light. Watering should happen once the soil is dry.  Soil: Loamy, rich, well-drained soil,
  3. Fiddle leaf fig (ficus lyrata) – this plant should be placed in spot with light: Bright, indirect light. should be watered once the soil is dry. Soil should be: Rich, well-draining potting medium.
  4. Monstera Deliciosa – this plant should be in a place with bright indirect light to medium indirect light. should be water once the soil is dry. Soil is supposed to be: Well-draining, rich.
  5. Philodendron Xanadu – this plant should be places in bright indirect light to medium indirect light. It should be water once the soil is dry. Soil should be: Well-draining.
  6. Rubber Tree (Ficus elastica) – this plant should be putted in a place with direct light. You should water it in a way to keep the soil moist during the growing season Soil should be: Well-draining.
  7. African Mask Plant (Alocasia amazonica) – should have bright, indirect light. This plant should be watering in a way to keep soil moist but not waterlogged. It needs well-draining rich soil.
  8. Philodendron Gloriosum – this plant should stay in place with bright, indirect sunlight. Should be watering whil 1-2 of the top is dry. Soil should be: Rich, well-draining soil.
  9. Banana Tree Plant (Musa) – it should be kept in full sun. Soil should be kept moist but not waterlogged. Soil should be Rich, well-draining.
  10. Majesty Palm (Ravenna rivularis) – this kind of plant should be kept in bright, indirect light. The moist should be kept evenly moist, but not waterlogged. Soil should be: Cactus or succulent soil mix.
  11. Calathea orbifolia – this plant should stay in a place where the light is bright, indirect light. You should keep its soil evenly moist. Soil should be rich, well-draining.
  12. Tropic Snow Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia seguine) – this plant should be kept in a place with bright to low light. You should water it once the soil gets dry. This plant soil should be well-draining, but it is not picky about soil.
  13. Ruffled Fan Palm (Licuala grandis) – it should stay in bright to medium indirect light. This plant has average water needs. Its soil should be well-draining.

Of course there are other large houseplants thant those above. And remember that large houseplant needs a little bit more space.

Popular big leaf plant- Fiddle leaf fig as an indoor plant

Fiddle leaf fig indoors

Fiddle leaf fig tree is one of the most popular house plant. This plant has got characteristic waxy leaves. Their leaves are fiddle shaped and surprise surprise can be cliped into different shapes. They are very popular plants but it doesn’t mean they are easy to take care of. Those plants are the ones which are difficult to take care of. When you will take care of them corectly your fiddle leaf fig can grow to normal sized tree but their size is often restricted and the reason is that they are grown in pots and careful pruning. Be careful because if leaves of fiddle leaf figs are gonna be ingested they are toxic for pets but also humans.

Tall indoor plants

There are also tall indoor plants with big leaves. They are always an amazing statement at your home. Tall indoor plants are for example:

  • Rubber plant – this plant is the one which can add a little bit of elegance to your house. This tall indoor plant is easy growing and what is even more interesting that it is fast growing indoor plant. They can adapt to different spaces like those with bright light and those with low light rooms. This plant needs much water but dont overwater them because it can couse leaves fall or you can find some yellow spots on them.
  • Banana tree plant – banana plant is this kind which will fit anywhere because of so many species that ou can find it in. Your banana plant should gets lots of water and sun to be growing strong. Fun fact about banana tree plant is this that as a house plants they aren’t producing fruits.

What bright indirect light and indirect light is for plants

If you are starting your jurnery with gardening and are wondering what means bright indirect sunlight or indirect sunlight is you will find your answer in here.

Firstly lets start with bright indirect sunlight. It happens when sunlight doesn’t fall directly on the plant but first bounces from someting then “hops” at your plant.

Now lets speak a little bit about indirect sun. It happens when the plant is in sunny room but the sun doesnt fall directly at the plant. Good example would be when shine is shining on the plant through a curtain or the same plant is standing on a shaded porch.

Now you know what those terms means but did you know that you can measure bright indirect sunlight? Yes that’s right you can do that and here we will explain you how to do it. There are 2 methods of finding out if your plant gets indirect sunlight and the intensitiy of it.

First method is so called shadow technique. This method means that when the shadow of the plan is weak and has got indistinct or blurry edges it is not in direct sunlight but when the shadow is sharp and has no blurry edges defined it means the opposite which is that plant is placed in direct light.

Second method is so called light meter. Light meter is some kind of a tool that measures the intensity of the light which is currently shining with a unit of measurement called foot candles. Bright indirect light is when it comes to 800 and 2000 foot candles.

Interesting facts

  • monstera deliciosa has got wonderful looking heart shaped leaves,
  • there is an indoor plant called Caladium and it can tolerate place of a full shade,
  • there is one kind of monstera which is called swiss cheese plant that is characterized by it leaves which are covered with holes that shows up while it is ageing,
  • when banana tree is in it’s growing season ensure that the soil stays evenly moist.


Those plants are wonderful looking plants. There is for sure few of them that gonna match your indoor’s for sure. Make your indoors look outstanding with those huge plants.

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  1. Amazing article, I’m a plant lover this gave me so much of new informations. Now I finally know what bright indirect sunlight is! Thank you again very much for such a wonderful article

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