Which type of ladder is the best tool for painting?

The ladder stands in the room that will be painted

Have you ever tried painting your ceiling by mounting a chair or table? If so, never do it again. Such activities might appear innocent at first glance, yet they pose a high threat to your health, or even life. Statistics don’t lie. Working at height is the main cause of serious injuries for DIY projects. This rate isn’t much lower for professionals, who perform their duties on a daily basis. Don’t be scared, though. There are cheap, but very effective solutions for people painting their houses. Let’s leave tables, chairs and laundry baskets in their place. A good ladder is all you need. How to find the best product for painting? Follow our guidelines, and you’ll find out the answer.

Ladders for painting – a buyer’s guide

There are at least 3 types of ladders destined for painting walls or ceilings. First-timers typically go for step ladders right off the bat, without considering other models. Let us stop here first. Are aluminium step ladders any good for this purpose? Ease of use and light weight can be attributed to most step ladders on the market. However, this does not necessarily translate into stability and high reach for painters. Of course, there are situations, when a sturdy step ladder is going to be more than enough. Having said that, they usually don’t extend enough to provide you with a stable reach beyond 3 meters. A step ladder is a perfect tool for painting walls in a flat, where the ceiling hardly ever exceeds the height of 2.5 meters.

For other purposes, it might be better to go for something bigger – platform painting ladders. This type of ladders is well suited for professional work. A stable platform and aluminium rungs make up a robust piece of painting kit, where hands-free operation becomes possible and safe. The spacious platform is a great place to store basic equipment. Platform ladders are more difficult to move around – no doubt about it. However, their immense stability and high working altitude makes up for it with interest.

Versatility award must go to extension painting ladders. If you look for a tool that can deal with most situations, yet still remain portable and cheap, an extension ladder is a good bang for the buck. Extension ladders are also indispensable in tight and high spaces, such as corridors or stairs. Keep in mind, there is no A-frame here. Proper placement of a ladder becomes even more important for all extendable products. Another limitation might occur when trying to mount additional equipment on the ladder itself. This problem has been solved by Drabest extension ladders for sale. Drabest included functional hooks in the ladder frame, where you can attach a bucket with paint or hang personal tools.

Drabest extension ladders for sale – best aluminium step ladders on the market

Whether you need aluminium step ladders, platform ladders, or extension ladders – Drabest gets you covered for all sorts of needs. Drabest extension ladders for sale are the result of years of experience in the industry, spent at serving both individuals and professionals. Visit https://drabestuk.com/46-extension-ladders for more information.

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