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Beautiful couples bedroom decor

Are you planning on redecorating your bedroom or maybe you are looking for some decorating ideas for couples bedrooms because you just moved in with your loved one? Here you will find something for you.

couple bedroom is a common ground so it has to be a good night’s sleep for both you and your partner. A great starting point would be doing a list of most important elements that should be found in your bedroom to give it a perfect moody vibe.

Bedroom decor ideas for couples

For two loving each other people bedroom should be the most important place. Make it feel like its your home not some kind of hotel bedroom. Couple’s bedrooms should be a comforting space. It should keep the balance between romantic atmosphere and a place where you can get some rest. Before all of that planning happenes try creating a mood board it will help you collect all of the ideas in one place. Things you should consider creating your own couple’s bedroom are things like:

  • Color scheme. If both of you want something else than neutral colors try to choose the color that both of you gonna like. If you have a problem with finding the same color that you gonna like maybe get some color palette samples and try them out.
  • Decide on what is it that you both must have. Are you having a problem with choosing the right style that is gonna be perfect for you? She wants gorgeous blush pink on your walls and you want neutral tones colors? Or maybe you want to get floor lamps and she totally disagree and wants wall lights. If you have problems with this try to mix different styles and maybe it wil be bull’s eye. But it that wont work out try to keep it simple stay close to neutral color scheme just find common ground.
  • Put the wall art in your room that is gonna be right for both of you. Remember that it is not only your bedroom anymore but also your loved one is living there.
  • Choose the best ammount leyrs of bed that is gonna fit both of you right. All of those pillows, blankets and cushions are there to add some romantic feel. So do be scared and throw pillows on your bed (don’t overdo it).
  • If you are planning on a romantic feel in your bedroom then four poster bed is just the right one for you.

Remember about little things like bedside tables and bedside lights they are important elements that can make your live easier.

Choosing the right color palette for your romantic bedroom? what about gorgeous blush pink?

Color palette for romantic bedroom

It doesn’t matter what color are you gonna choose what matters is this that that your paint color should go with each other very well they should be toneful with each other.

Don’t you dare thinking that only those sweet and soft colors like blush pink can give this romantic feeling to your bedroom. Those colors can be dark if you want have purple wall or even a black wall you can have it and it still may give this romantic vibe to your bedroom. However while you are going to have your bedroom in dark shades of colors you should take into the consideration adding a accent wall and not just pain whole room in this color.

Accent wall ideas for couples

With the help of an accent wall you can do a lot of different things. This may make your and our other half bedroom look spectacular. For example if you are more into a modern style you could do some dark collored panelled wall with leds or some kind of other lights. There are for real many different styles which you could do with this one whatever you like no matter if it is a contemporary style or mid century modern you can choose this one and make your dream couple’s bedroom.

Choosing the lightning for your couple’s bedroom

If you ever thought that choosing lights will be easy thing because there can’t be a huge choice you were wrong. If you are looking for your bedroom to be in romantic feel you could use a chandelier. But there is another idea for your bedroom romantic feel which is for example but a semi flush mount overhead light fixture sounds great huh?. Remember also about light on your bedside table. Remember to choose this bedside table light fixture right if your bedside tables aren’t big enough to carry table lamps comfortably you should think of another idea. This idea could be for example arm lamps or maybe wall sconces.

Perfect bed size for couple’s bedroom

Bed is the most important part of your bedroom design. So let’s focus on beds now. If you were ever wondering what is the best bed size for a couple’s bedroom and you are at this point in your live that you finally gott choose one here is a little bit of help for you. There are few kinds of mattres. First let’s talk about a full one it is not big a mattress. However if you like to be falling asleep very close to your other half or you don’t have much space then this one is for you. King sized bed perfect bed for big bedrooms. This bed is very good for animal lovers who loves to sleep with their pets or for parents with little kids. There is also mattress called queen mattress. This one is just a little bit smaller than the king size bed which makes it easier to be moved so you could also consider this option.

Put your bedroom decor ideas finally together

Like you could notice there are tones and tones of bedroom ideas for couples. But in all of the decorating ideas and bedroom design don’t forget about the functionality of the furniture that you gonna pic. Remember that there is not only polished look matters but enough storage for both of you is important. If you won’t have enough room for youself in our own bedroom the ambiance may not be good in this room.

There is also something to keep in mind other than space. For example textures of all of those sheets, blanktes and cushions. Textures are important imagine sleeping in bed with iching sheets. It can destroy ambiance and let’s be honest ambiance is very important in bedroom. So remember to create this sleeping space a good place to rest after a long day.

As you could see there are various design styles. You and your partner has to choose wisely to create this room to be perfect for both of you. Remember about all of the things like the light, enougt space and storage for both of you. Don’t forget about things like perfect color scheme and keep that in your mind that calming choice of color palette sometimes is better if you doesn’t agree in this point.

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  1. Me and my boyfriend are about to move in together and I was looking for just something likes this! Love this article it made my day! Thnak you so much for it.

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